New Walls
|| 22 Jun 2013 || By Jay || In Art ||
How is everyone doing? Fantastic I hope. happy I'm gonna start working on a new layout, and a gallery header. It's time to change this one even though I still love it. I added 4 wallpapers. I hope you all like them! Enjoy your weekend!

Ten/Rose(Doctor Who)
Jared/Melanie(The Host)

New Walls!
|| 17 May 2013 || By Jay || In Art ||
Hi guys! So many shows have ended for the season. I am so sad about this. sad Luckily I have a few shows coming on in the summer. Also, I have been doing a lot of reading, and I need to start drawing more often. I haven't forgotten about my sites though. I'm just lazy when it comes to updates. LOL! embarrassed I added 4 wallpapers, and a new round is open at HFR Awards. All you awesome vidders head on over there and submit! You can find the link in the sidebar. happy Have an awesome weekend!

Stefan Salvatore(TVD)
Daenerys Targaryen(GoT)

|| 21 Apr 2013 || By Jay || In Art ||
Hey awesome people! happy I added 51 icons today. Enjoy!

(51) Icons

  • Covert Affairs(x36)
  • Game of Thrones(x5)
  • Emilia Clarke(x2)
  • Doctor Who(x5)
  • Kit Harrington(x3)

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