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Mid November already?
|| 15 Nov 2014 || By Jay || In Site, Art ||
Time is going by fast. I hope you are all doing well. I haven't updated much here, and I hate that. I still love having this site and sharing my art with you all, and I hope to continue to do so. Thanks to all who still visit and leave comments on the tagboard. happy I added 4 wallpapers, and I changed my layout to one of my fave ships. I know they aren't an actual couple, but I hope that changes soon. Steroline FTW! Enjoy the rest of your weekend friends! happy

Tom Hiddleston
Aidan/Sally(Being Human)
Aidan/Sally(Being Human)
Buffy Summers

Where have I been?
|| 28 Jun 2014 || By Jay || In Art ||
How is everyone? I hope everyone is doing well. I can never seem to get it together and make updates often enough. Ugh. I'm so mad at myself. I am gonna work on a new layout, and try to have it up the first week of July. happy I figured it's time for a change. 4 wallpapers have been added. More to come in the next weeks, along with more scans and textures. Enjoy they rest of your weekend lovelies!

Nico Mirallegro
Henry Cavill
Tatiana Maslany

New Icons & Textures!
|| 04 Jun 2014 || By Jay || In Art, Goodies ||
Hi everyone! How are you all doing? Great I hope. happy Today I added 30 icons of the sexy Theo James from photoshoots, tv, and movies. I also add 4 more textures to the goodies section. Enjoy!

(30) Icons

  • Theo James(x30)


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