New Walls
|| 26 May 2012 || By Jay || In Art, Web ||
What?! shocked Another update so soon? Yes! I'm just as shocked as you are. cheeky Hopefully I can keep this up.

I have 4 new wallpapers today. I'm happy with how these walls turned out. I kept it pretty simple with all of them. Hope you like them. Enjoy! happy

Jon Snow(Game of Thrones)
Robb Stark(Game of Thrones)
Salvatore Brothers(The Vampire Diaries)

Also, all my affiliates please check out Selesnya's site. Her art portfolio is filled with gorgeous art and photos!

Caps for you
|| 26 May 2012 || By Jay || In Web ||
Hey guys! I donated DW caps over at my sisters site. She has a variety of caps from different shows and movies. I help out with a few shows. happy So head on over to Bruised Soul and check out what Amy has in her gallery so far. inlove *Click on image below*

New Layout
|| 21 Apr 2012 || By Jay || In Site, Video ||
Hey guys! New layout! happy This one features Bradley James from Merlin. I'm not sure how long this one will stay up. I plan on adding new things to the site. Some I might change my mind about, so I won't reveal what just yet. lol A huge thanks to Kimberly over @ Dreams and Memories for the 3 awards! I haven't submitted a vid at an award site in a long time. So it was really nice to win. inlove

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